You Are There

imageYou Are There: Restoring Churches, People and Places, is a long, slow pastoral conversation shepherding Christian people in Christian churches towards wholistic lives, all the way down to the dirt. You can find many very good books on the need for environmental action from a Christian perspective. There are, likewise, many substantial theological works that draw a consistent line of belief from, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth,” to ecology that is far more than a green religion. In You Are There, you will find a pastor with time for you; time to talk with you and walk with you so that the fruit of the redemption earned by Jesus’ life, death and resurrection will make a real and substantial difference in your very own backyard.

This book is not about you; it’s about us as local churches. The local church should care about conservation because the church is God’s way of getting his people in the right place for the job. The church is where God uses the gospel of salvation in Jesus to restore people. God sends restored people to places that need restoration. God’s restored people restore both people and places. This is what we mean by creation care.

You, church, are a local gathering of believers. You are a gathering of people defined by your faith in Jesus and the dirt you walk on. You are a people that always have a place. You are to be concerned with the real people and place that you are sent to. When you act locally, you act freely and with hope in the place you call home. When you act locally, you love your neighbors. When you love your neighbors, they are saved and restored. When they are restored, people and place are put back together.

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