Reviews for Robert W. Campbell’s You Are There: Restoring Churches, People and Places (Cascade Books, 2016) consistently recognize the unique role that it plays in leading the Christian Church to get its hands dirty in the daily discipleship of creation care.

President of Northwest Baptist Seminary, Kenton Anderson, comments, “This is one of those books that must delightfully confound publishers looking to pigeon-hole its market. You are There is part travelogue and part theologue.”

Ken Wystma, author of Pursuing Justice, founder of Antioch Church, Kilns College and the Justice Conference writes, “This is not the sort of call to care for the environment that you might expect. It doesn’t attempt to provoke guilt or anger. Rather it talks hopefully and matter-of-factly about appreciating God’s handiwork, learning from creation and leaning into the natural seasons, all as part of what it means to be a follower of Christ.”

Ben Lowe, activist and author of Doing Good without Giving Up claims, “This book is an encouraging and pastoral gift to the church today…I am often asked what it practically looks like for a local church to care for creation and love their neighbors – this book is a very good helpful answer.”

The appeal of You are There, lies in both its evangelical content and its pastoral tone. In You are There you will find a pastor who will talk with you and walk with you so that the fruit of the redemption earned by Jesus’ life, death and resurrection will make a real and substantial difference in your very own backyard.

You Are There, brings the wisdom of A Rocha International, with 30-plus years of creation care experience in 20 countries of the world. The local church can make a difference in the restoration of people and places everywhere; You Are There is the help you have been waiting for.

Campbell hopes to see You Are There be used by God to restore people in local churches and to see those churches restore their local people and local places…to the ends of the earth.

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