Evangelical Environmental Ditches

Romans 8 can also help us to avoid the ditches on each side of the road that Evangelicals tend to fall into regarding the environment. The ditch on one side continues to lay the same foundation of the gospel over and over and over again and never builds anything upon it. One response to You are There has been a pushback in light of the continued need of our world for the message of the Gospel. In other words, we have no business picking up a shovel until we have preached the message of salvation in the finished work of Christ alone to the ends of the earth. To the need to preach the Gospel all day, every day, I say a hearty, “Amen,” but I refuse to see the words of our mouths and the works of our hands as contradictory. A gospel belief will bear fruit in a gospel life. The ditch on the other side acts as if the world can be redeemed with a shovel. It is not true that the same work that any unbeliever can do will bring the same good as the work done by a believer. God empowers one and not the other. Romans 8 will bring an end to this speculation quickly, if Romans 1-3 hadn’t already done so. Any attempt to restore the world without reference to the life, substitutionary death and resurrection of Jesus will not only fail, it will serve to further destroy, as all sin does, all the time.